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Angel's Orphans of the Storm

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Everyone loves to create their own NeoPets. But when people get bored of NeoPets, forget about them, or no longer have access to the Internet, what happens to their pets?
They are abandoned at the NeoPound, that's what. Left lonely... cold... hungry... and sad.
Here at Angel's Orphans of the Storm (Named after a real animal shelter where Angel got her real-life dog) we rescue Neopets from the cold environment of the NeoPound, and love and care for them... until permanent owners can be found for them.
Won't you open up your heart, and your NeoHome, to a homeless pet today?

Our current NeoOrphan came to us on December 22, 2004. He is a very cheerful, 5-month-old red Scorchio named Scorcherboy44. Not much is known about Scorcherboy's background... except that when we got him, he was literally starving to death. Apparently, pets at the NeoPound are not fed well!

12/15/04: Since his arrival, Scorcherboy44 ate a large cheeseburger, a tomato, some chocolate milk, a cookie, and some Vitamin C pills. He started to feel better right away... and was even happier when he was given a bath and had his fur brushed! He has lots of toys to play with, which his new foster sibling pets are happy to share with him! Scorcherboy44 can't wait to meet his new owner!
12/24/04: Scorcherboy44 enjoyed a special Christmas treat. He spent two nights at the Faerie Castle Lodge with his foster Neopet siblings! He was able to eat as much as he wanted, and he LOVED swimming in the pool and relaxing in the sauna!
1/03/05: Scorcherboy44 is doing wonderfully in the foster home! Today he started training school along with his three foster Neopet siblings! He is working on raising his level! (He is currently on Level 1, but keep in mind, he is only 5 months old and has plenty of time to learn!)

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Scorcherboy44 is very happy, despite being very malnourished.

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